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Temperatureinstellungen für Vaporizer

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How important are the right temperature settings vaporizer?

The correct temperature setting is a difficult issue because it depends on many factors. Especially own preferences play a major role.

Surely you've often wondered whether a higher or lower temperature affects the taste and enjoyment. Generally it should be noted: temperatures have a major impact on the steam production, the taste and the power of the vaporizer.

Hopefully we can answer a few questions to you in this blog post.

For further questions you can also contact our friendly staff.

So, how to achieve the best result Vaporizer?

At a low temperature of the steam is cooler. The session lasts correspondingly longer because the material is consumed only slowly. Temperatures between 140-150C deemed low.

At a higher temperature, a robust aroma is generated. The meeting is essential kürzer.Temperaturen between 200-210C deemed high. At a temperature of about 210C may occur Vebrennung of the material. Temperatures above 210C are not recommended.

Achieving an average value is best, since neither too low, too high a temperature is still recommended. Generally it can be the range between 175 and 200C described as average.

On what do the temperature settings for Vaporizer from it?

An important clue is the user's preference. Trying different temperature settings is therefore recommended. You can then decide at what temperature the device produces the best result.

Here are a few important steps we have that could help you in finding the perfect temperature:

  • You need your Vaporizer know exactly!

Some vaporizers have preset temperatures, sometimes they are digital control, manual control, etc. It is therefore very important that you know the exact function of your vaporizer. Of course, the convection and conduction plays a major role.

  • Please read the included manual and the instructions supplied.

Often in these manuals temperatures are recommended.

If you still do not know then try the following heat setting:

  • Generally, a temperature between is 175 and 200C recommended.
  • Unsatisfied? Then try a must!

Remember that each vaporizer different, each user is different and the temperature options sometimes are endless! On some models, the perfect temperature is a little higher, a little lower in others.

For dried herbs, we generally recommend a starting temperature of 185-190C.

Thus, the following factors play an important role:

  • What kind of vaporizers use
  • How dry is your material
  • How finely your material is milled
  • The effect you want to achieve
  • What a vapor density you want

The steam is too strong?

Try it. At a lower temperature

The best temperature settings allow for complete evaporation of your material. At the end of the material should be brown.

Please also note: conduction and convection

Conduction: The material is in direct contact with the heating element.

Convection: through a (electronic) mechanism air is heated. When the air reaches a certain temperature, the material is vaporized.

Temperature settings for Vaporizer - Summary:

The best temperature setting depends on your vaporizer, the material and your own preferences.

We recommend different temperature settings to try.

It is best to find an average. This is often in the range between 175 and 200C.

If you have specific values ​​for aromatherapy, then click on the following link: