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Video Review: G Pro von GrencoScience

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Namaste Kory packt den G Pro Vaporizer von GrencoScience aus und berichtet uns die Vor- und Nachteile. Dieses und weitere Videos von NamasteVapes finden Sie auch auf unserem NamasteVapes YouTube Channel.

GrencoScience ist bekannt für hochqualitative und trotzdem preisgünstige Tragbar-Vaporizer und der G Pro bildet hierbei keine Ausnahme.

NamasteVapes bietet auch eine Reihe an nützlichem Zubehör für den G Pro an, um ihn jederzeit gut in Schuss zu halten. Danke fürs Reinschauen!

Video Transcript

Hey guys this is Kory from NamasteVapes. Thanks for tuning in today. We're going to be talking about the G Pro vaporizer from a company called GrencoScience in the US. This is a low cost, entry level portable vaporizer that we've started selling internationally. If this is your first vaporizer it's the perfect product for you. It offers stealthiness and portability. It has multiple temperature settings as well and includes a nice accessory pack. It has a couple of other features that I'll talk about with this vaporizer that really set it apart and, for the price, give it a lot of value. It's a good quality unit - We don't have many problems with it - and it includes a 1 year warranty.

In the box you'll find the following:

1 x Simple, easy to read instruction manual

1 x USB Charging Cable

2 x Rubber Mouthpiece Extenders (This helps cool the vapor by giving it more distance between your mouth and the heating chamber. I don't find this a problem unless I am using the highest setting)

2 x Silicone Mouthpiece Covers (When you use the G Pro at a higher setting, it can get a little hot so if you plan on going to the highest heat setting you can use this to make it a little cooler. )

1 x Cleaning Brush (This vaporizer is very easy to clean and this helps)

5 x Screens

1 x GrencoScience Steel Grinder Card (Help you grind dry blends and materials. Really convenient accessory.)

Build quality is excellent. Nice design and finish. It's solid and overall doesn't have any rattling parts or anything. Very similar in size and shape to the Pinnacle and Pinnacle Pro, but its substantially cheaper. It's a nice option for our customers which is why we wanted to offer it on our website.

The G Pro is chargeable by USB which makes it very easy to charge anywhere. This makes it pretty convenient which is another thing I liked about it. The charge time is a little bit long - they quote anywhere between 1 and 3 hours but I'd say 3 hours to be safe.

The vaporizer is very easy to clean. You have a metal chamber and the cap just pops off of the mouthpiece. You can fit up to .5 g of dried aromatherapy in that chamber in one pack. Again with a lot of these vaporizers you want to fully pack it, but you don't want to pack it too tightly or overpack it because it will restrict to airflow and affect your vapor production substantially. The mouthpiece just snaps off and there's a little part that you unscrew to replace the screen. It makes it quite easy. Whenever you feel like it you can change these screens and if you run out of screens or want to be more economical with them, you can also clean them in isopropyl alcohol or a similar product.

The operation of the G Pro is very simple. You press this one button 5 times - it will turn on. You have the temperature indicator below the button (a small light). There are 3 temperature settings. When you hold the button down for about 4 seconds you will see the light cycle. Red is the lowest temperature setting. Hold it down again for 4 seconds and it will turn green - which is the medium setting. Hold it down again and you get to blue, which is the hottest setting. It maxes out at around 215 degrees celicus. Again - I recommend the middle (green) setting. I find that at the hottest setting you get a lot of heat at the mouthpiece. You can change that by using a lower setting or using one of the included silicone or rubber pieces. Once fully heated, you'll see the light on the button turn green. Press the button 5 times and it turns off again. The G Pro does have a 4 minute shut off time - so after 4 minutes of inactivity it will shut off to prevent any accidents.

The vaporizer works well - you actually get a lot of vapor production with vape. If this is your first vaporizer it is a great product because it does produce relatively thick clouds. For the price of the product it's excellent quality unit, has a lot of value and is really sleek for when you're on the go. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

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